Optimise XP with a cleaner profile


  • Speeds-up your PC
  • Installs an entirely new lightweight profile
  • Easy to use and setup


  • New lightweight desktop lacks important programs and functions
  • Still prone to bugs and errors


Sparkle XP takes a radical alternative to Windows speed problems by creating an entirely new configuration for your PC. SparkleXP releases RAM and processes so that your PC operates at its optimum performance level at all times.

This program is certainly comprehensive. It takes a look at the taskbar, the Start menu, the RAM, registry, profiles of each user and hardware preferences in trying to optimise your system. It works by releasing a little bit of everything here and there so that you end up with a cumulatively faster system. The setup is very simple - a wizard will guide you through the installation of SparkleXP and depending on your needs, you can choose to preserve your Internet, AntiVirus and Firewall settings. At the next reboot you will find a new menu where you can select which System to load including your new lightweight SparkleXP desktop.

This is an effective program that certainly speeds up your PC although your new lightweight desktop will lack many tools that you may need access to.

SparkleXP is an application designed to tweak Windows XP and improve its performance. It helps free-up computer resources resulting in a faster and more responsive computer.

This tool creates a second Hardware Profile and a correlative new user profile to get a lightweight desktop. You can choose to boot into your regular or SparkleXP configuration at startup.




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